“You’re not quite like everyone else.”

When you don’t quite fit inside the traditional wealth management box, think outside of it.

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Build. Protect. Multiply.

Specific needs require specific solutions. We can help.

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Custom is better.

Imagine a hand-stitched financial strategy, curated and designed specifically around your needs.

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There are endless places to turn for typical solutions – but what happens when your needs aren’t typical?

SafeBridge Private Wealth helps emerging affluent families stay on their growth trajectory.

Build your wealth
with tailored wealth
creation tools.

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Protect your wealth
with advanced tax and
estate strategies.

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Multiply your wealth
with creative lending

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Strategies for Emerging Affluent Families

Find out how clients like you, meet their unique wealth goals.

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If you can get it online, you probably won’t get it here.

We’re not for the masses, that’s why we bring you very specialized and highly customized expertise and a network of family office partnerships.

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Your goals demand experience.

Meet our founders.

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“SafeBridge works with emerging affluent families to help you stay on your growth trajectory. We’ll help you build, protect and multiply your wealth with our highly custom designed planning tools and strategies that are designed for you and you alone.”

Chris Karram
Managing Partner, Private Wealth

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