Our Capabilities

If you can get it online, you can’t get it here.

Our purpose is to seek out, curate and tailor financial opportunities that are not typically offered through conventional channels.

As a private financial firm and a division of SafeBridge Financial Group, we have the relationships, access and due diligence process to introduce unique and exclusive strategies in a regulated environment.


Supporting Your Long-Term Financial Vision

When you have specific objectives for a segment of your wealth, what’s needed is the expertise to curate and design highly customized strategies that go far beyond the typical off-the-shelf products. However, it’s also essential to have a process to understand the role these strategies will play within the overall context of your net worth.

In addition to pursuing individual goals, we also work to provide value on a holistic level, so that the opportunities we identify will work in tandem with your other wealth strategies, and align with broader priorities for risk management, growth and preservation over the long term.

This entails coordinating with your network of financial professionals, as well as leveraging our own, in order to create value on a holistic level.

The SafeBridge Client Process

Through our 6-person in-house team and our family office network, we also work in tandem with your existing advisory relationships in order to curate, design and manage custom financial strategies. The result is a highly unique client experience.

“We know your financial well-being is an extremely high priority for you. That’s why we take this responsibility seriously, and we take your financial legacy personally.”

Chris Karram
Managing Partner, Private Wealth