Who We Work With

Emerging affluent families have different needs.

Growing wealth creates increasing financial complexity. That’s why off-the-shelf thinking and off-the-shelf financial answers won’t help you.

We work with client families looking for more than what their traditional financial firm or bank has provided for them. You want something a little different, a little more creative, but still just as regulated and protected as what you’ve been accustomed to.

“Like many of our clients, we are business owners and avid real estate investors, so we are well positioned and well experienced to truly understand their situation on a very personal and professional level.”

Chris Karram
Managing Partner, Private Wealth

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

When you’re running a business, you need access to more sophisticated approaches than the average investor. This includes specialists to help you formulate your plan and then execute it with precision. In short, the answers you want won’t be found on an online investment platform or at your local bank.

SafeBridge Private Wealth provides business owners and entrepreneurs with access to thinking, approaches and products for the future they want. Some of our work includes:

  • Managing your network of professionals to help ensure strategies are aligned
  • Using insurance policies to generate guaranteed income and help increase the value of your estate
  • Identifying opportunities to invest in private businesses

Real Estate Developers, Builders and Investors

We provide real estate developers, builders and investors with access to vehicles, products, and solutions that the traditional bank model cannot provide.


This includes:

  • Creative ideas to incorporate insurance strategies and unique investment opportunities into your broader financial strategies
  • Tax-efficient investment strategies that help optimize cash flow
  • Family office resources including accounting, legal specialists and financial planners

Medical Professionals and Executives

Whether you have an equity stake in a corporation or medical practice, you share common concerns – what is the best way for me to make the most of the wealth I’m building? How do I grow it? How do I protect it? What can I do to multiply it further?


We work with executives and medical professionals to provide:

  • Strategies to structure your wealth and manage cash flow through an incorporated practice
  • Guidance for young professionals to manage incoming wealth and support goals
  • Access to private equity opportunities with a wider range of risk and return profiles than typical publicly-traded stocks and bonds

“No algorithms, no models, no off-the-shelf products – just bespoke strategies, curated and designed to fit your needs.”

Chris Karram
Managing Partner, Private Wealth